RAK Porcelain crockery

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White gold Collection

White gold collection The grace of its baroque curves gives WHITE GOLD a princely appeal. Carved like lacework, this collection delicately presents your culinary showpieces, from the simplest ones to the most sophisticated.

Scola Collection

Scola collection Multicoloured, SKOLA makes lunches fun and provides even the youngest gastronomes with a coloured, practical, and functional collection to awaken their taste buds.

Samba Collection

Samba collection The warm fade-resistant colours and elegant design of the SAMBA collection enhance the presentation of buffets and breakfasts. SAMBA creates a harmonious and refreshing décor.

Pure collection

Pure collection The quintessence of luxury, this divine collection is designed for high-end gastronomy. Thanks to its enamel coating, the gold decoration is guaranteed to be dishwasher-safe.

Golden Collection

Golden collection GOLDEN puts celebration at the heart of tasting. A variation on the WHITE GOLD shape with prestigious gilded marks, it offers luxurious decoration and an exceptional atmosphere.

Bahamas 2 Collection

Bahamas 2 collection Sky blue, chilli red, lemon yellow and spring green, these bright colours of BAHAMAS 2 provide a dazzling range of items, for creating zingy harmonies.

Marea Collection

Marea collection: MAREA and its array of items is a collection of large tasting plates, a sharing plate and multifunctional dishes for a truly theatrical presentation.

Giro Collection

Giro collection: Designed by Gemma Bernal, the GIRO collection plays with the rules and takes its inspiration from the oval shape together with an off-centre design. GIRO is made up of oval, round, flat and [...]

Barista Collection

Barista collection: BARISTA offers a range of cups in all sizes, manufactured using our exclusive material, highly effective at retaining temperature. The ergonomic all y designed handles are easy to hold and six of the [...]

Peppery Collection

Peppery collection: is a collection with rustic-style enameldecoration, available in four colours that can be mixed and matched. The complete range, particularly including coffee and buffet service pieces, reflects the current trend for natural materials, [...]

Anna Collection

Anna collection The charming ANNA collection has been created by Mikaela Dörfel to set off perfectly the delicious dishes of yesteryear and tomorrow, with its curves and contours, glorifying culinary traditions.

Leon Collection

Leon collection: The relief decoration of LEON gives it incomparable originality, strength of character and splendour. The range marries geometric shapes and durability with modernity.

Line Z Collection

Line z collection LINE-Z’s delicate streaks create an original visual effect with concentric circles on bright porcelain, for spectacular presentations.

Lyra collection

Lira collection LYRA’s natural elegance with its arched silhouette and graceful line make it possible to create harmonious and varied presentations.

Massilia Collection

Massilia collection Thanks to designers Dominique and Alain Vavro, working together with the artistry of Marseille’s Michelinstarred chef Gérald Passédat, MASSILIA combines a fresh design with impeccable symmetry to provide the perfect framework for the [...]

Mazza Collection

Mazza collection: Bold and graceful, the MAZZA items are the perfect palette for your most avant-garde creations. Its novel and diverse shapes, inspired by the current fusion-food movement, offer endless variations for the most contemporary [...]

Metrópolis Collection

Metrópolis collection METROPOLIS creates a cosmopolitan, chic and urban atmosphere, with a hint of retro. Its relief which is pleasant to touch, emits a tasty shine.

Nabur Collection

Nabur collection Inspired by nature, NABUR reveals sculptural, organic-curved shapes. Like a paean to difference, shapes and materials, NABUR celebrates the boldness of leading chefs.

Nano Collection

Nano collection NANO’s lines are exquisitely pure displaying a traditional Asian charm, This collection’s pared-down style means it can be adapted for different dishes and uses.

Nordic Collection

Nordic collection NORDIC’s rectilinear silhouette and minimalist simplicity give it characteristic style. Designed specifically for professionals, NORDIC is easily stackable. All of its items have been designed to be infinitely modular.

Pixel Collection

Pixel collection PIXEL displays a relief decoration that is inviting to the touch. Tough and original, its pattern reflects the light for an exquisite dining experience.

Playa Collection

The PLAYA product line is an invitation to exoticism and freedom. Dishes will stand out on a background of bright white porcelain, putting creativity to the forefront.

Rondo Collection

Rondo collection With exquisite gentle, rounded lines, on dishes and flat plates, RONDO perfectly enhances your culinary creations. A hotel collection par excellence!

Ska Collection

Ska collection The round and square shapes of the SKA product line offer a perfect platform for a number of culinary uses. Specifically created to be used in mass and commercial catering, the SKA product [...]

Trio Collection

Trio Collection The TRIO collection elegantly juxtaposes triangular shapes with soft lines. The coffee service pieces are remarkable for their silhouette married with their toughness

Lea Collection

LEA features eight fresh and tangy shades in the form of round, oval or square dishes as well as a full assortment of cups. Its vibrant colours are sealed with a thin strip over permanent [...]

Vintage Collection

Comprising dishes and rounded cups, VINTAGE lends your tables a sweet nostalgia with its translucent enamel. Its old style crackle effect is permanent and non-porous.

Chef’s fusion Collection

CHEF’S FUSION offers cocottes, casserole dishes, soup tureens, plates, pans and mini pans, ideal for cooking and maintaining temperature. High resistance and with optimal ergonomy, the collection is available in 4 coloured glazes, created to [...]

Banquet Collection

Banquet collection: The BANQUET collection consists of over 100 items for catering professionals and their daily needs. This collection is a perfect combination of functionality, durability and minimalist elegance.

Neofusion Collection

NEOFUSION takes its inspiration from mineral matter and comes in 6 different colour ways: Magma, Volcano, Ember, Stone, Terra and Sand, which can be combined with each other or with white porcelain. Each and every [...]

Allspice Collection

Allspice collection The sleek, pioneering style of the ALLSPICE collection is the perfect match for sophisticated culinary creations.

Buffet Collection

The BUFFET collection combines design with unfailing toughness. The BUFFET GN range includes all the sizes of hotplates, display cases and refrigerated display shelves in line with the GASTRONORM standards.

Minimax Collection

Minimax collection MINIMAX is eclectic and full of good ideas, offering a range of items to be used alone or combined harmoniously with other collections. The variety of small and large sizes provide innovative solutions [...]

B. Concept Collection

Concept collection: With B.CONCEPT even the most diverse buffets can be presented harmoniously with four different heights.

Fine Dine Collection

Fine dine collection FINE DINE’s ultra-sleek line gives it a timeless elegance. Chefs love the vast array of items which make up this collection for desserts, breakfasts and starters.

Classic Gourmet Collection

Classic gourmet collection: With its range of square, round or rectangular shapes, CLASSIC GOURMET’s easy handling and extreme toughness are a must for any professional.