RAK Porcelain crockery

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Allspice Collection

Allspice collection The sleek, pioneering style of the ALLSPICE collection is the perfect match for sophisticated culinary creations.

Buffet Collection

The BUFFET collection combines design with unfailing toughness. The BUFFET GN range includes all the sizes of hotplates, display cases and refrigerated display shelves in line with the GASTRONORM standards.

Minimax Collection

Minimax collection MINIMAX is eclectic and full of good ideas, offering a range of items to be used alone or combined harmoniously with other collections. The variety of small and large sizes provide innovative solutions for serving your most unusual culinary creations.

B. Concept Collection

Concept collection: With B.CONCEPT even the most diverse buffets can be presented harmoniously with four different heights.

Fine Dine Collection

Fine dine collection FINE DINE’s ultra-sleek line gives it a timeless elegance. Chefs love the vast array of items which make up this collection for desserts, breakfasts and starters.

Classic Gourmet Collection

Classic gourmet collection: With its range of square, round or rectangular shapes, CLASSIC GOURMET’s easy handling and extreme toughness are a must for any professional.