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/RAK Porcelain crockery

Anna Collection

Anna collection The charming ANNA collection has been created by Mikaela Dörfel to set off perfectly the delicious dishes of yesteryear and tomorrow, with its curves and contours, glorifying culinary traditions.

Leon Collection

Leon collection: The relief decoration of LEON gives it incomparable originality, strength of character and splendour. The range marries geometric shapes and durability with modernity.

Line Z Collection

Line z collection LINE-Z’s delicate streaks create an original visual effect with concentric circles on bright porcelain, for spectacular presentations.

Lyra collection

Lira collection LYRA’s natural elegance with its arched silhouette and graceful line make it possible to create harmonious and varied presentations.

Massilia Collection

Massilia collection Thanks to designers Dominique and Alain Vavro, working together with the artistry of Marseille’s Michelinstarred chef Gérald Passédat, MASSILIA combines a fresh design with impeccable symmetry to provide the perfect framework for the most exquisite gastronomic creations.

Mazza Collection

Mazza collection: Bold and graceful, the MAZZA items are the perfect palette for your most avant-garde creations. Its novel and diverse shapes, inspired by the current fusion-food movement, offer endless variations for the most contemporary of presentations.

Metrópolis Collection

Metrópolis collection METROPOLIS creates a cosmopolitan, chic and urban atmosphere, with a hint of retro. Its relief which is pleasant to touch, emits a tasty shine.

Nabur Collection

Nabur collection Inspired by nature, NABUR reveals sculptural, organic-curved shapes. Like a paean to difference, shapes and materials, NABUR celebrates the boldness of leading chefs.

Nano Collection

Nano collection NANO’s lines are exquisitely pure displaying a traditional Asian charm, This collection’s pared-down style means it can be adapted for different dishes and uses.

Nordic Collection

Nordic collection NORDIC’s rectilinear silhouette and minimalist simplicity give it characteristic style. Designed specifically for professionals, NORDIC is easily stackable. All of its items have been designed to be infinitely modular.