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White gold Collection

White gold collection The grace of its baroque curves gives WHITE GOLD a princely appeal. Carved like lacework, this collection delicately presents your culinary showpieces, from the simplest ones to the most sophisticated.

Scola Collection

Scola collection Multicoloured, SKOLA makes lunches fun and provides even the youngest gastronomes with a coloured, practical, and functional collection to awaken their taste buds.

Samba Collection

Samba collection The warm fade-resistant colours and elegant design of the SAMBA collection enhance the presentation of buffets and breakfasts. SAMBA creates a harmonious and refreshing décor.

Pure collection

Pure collection The quintessence of luxury, this divine collection is designed for high-end gastronomy. Thanks to its enamel coating, the gold decoration is guaranteed to be dishwasher-safe.

Golden Collection

Golden collection GOLDEN puts celebration at the heart of tasting. A variation on the WHITE GOLD shape with prestigious gilded marks, it offers luxurious decoration and an exceptional atmosphere.

Bahamas 2 Collection

Bahamas 2 collection Sky blue, chilli red, lemon yellow and spring green, these bright colours of BAHAMAS 2 provide a dazzling range of items, for creating zingy harmonies.

Marea Collection

Marea collection: MAREA and its array of items is a collection of large tasting plates, a sharing plate and multifunctional dishes for a truly theatrical presentation.

Giro Collection

Giro collection: Designed by Gemma Bernal, the GIRO collection plays with the rules and takes its inspiration from the oval shape together with an off-centre design. GIRO is made up of oval, round, flat and deep plates, bowls and salad dishes and plates in different sizes, inviting you to perfect your settings mirroring the original [...]

Barista Collection

Barista collection: BARISTA offers a range of cups in all sizes, manufactured using our exclusive material, highly effective at retaining temperature. The ergonomic all y designed handles are easy to hold and six of the seven cups can be combined with the same saucer, to help control outlay and storage costs.

Peppery Collection

Peppery collection: is a collection with rustic-style enameldecoration, available in four colours that can be mixed and matched. The complete range, particularly including coffee and buffet service pieces, reflects the current trend for natural materials, with a terracotta and earthenware theme reminiscent of traditional dining tables.