Who we are

Helios provides satisfaction through excellence customized to your business. From the very first encounter you will notice that our team enjoy their work.


Due to the selection of a wide and profound portfolio of products, the portfolio of trademarks represented by us and the care we place on the details, Helios supplies integral solutions that provide excellent experiences for your business’ clients.
In every investment level, our obsession is providing comfort, convenience and memorabilia, that keen factor… “someone thought it, someone granted it”. This is our speciality, namely, creating a concept that reflects what is desirable for your clients and put it into practice, making it real.


Company Values

  • Friendliness of the team – passion for what we do.
  • We comply with fully and up – to date market regulations. Our productions partners are GMP certified
  • One stop shop (we cover more at the time)
  • Trademark presence (we work with a French cosmetic platform)
  • We respond rapidly to you request.
  • We are a financially independent company.
  • We have our own storage and delivery network (solved logistics)